Video Production

Ultimately, the goal of video for an artist is to capture the same emotions their music evokes. From live concert video to music video production, we'll handle the assets you need. We'll help you work with top video producers at affordable rates to create top-tier video you can be proud of.

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Reliable Video Support

Our video teams are well-versed in live and on-set video production. We give them detailed checklists to ensure there are always extra batteries, backup drives, and extra copies of everything.

Smooth Video Editing

Good video editing is unremarkable—meaning, the audience won't make any remarks about the editing, because they won't even notice it. We offer liquid-smooth video editing that never distracts from your story.

Video Production on Any Scale

We can work on as large or small a scale as you'd like. We're able to send a single cameraman to help you capture a social media video, or work with producers and directors to accomplish a grand vision.


Video production at any scale

We've produced everything from short social media videos to music videos to massive concert events with many cameramen. No matter what level of production, we're committed to sticking true to the roots of your band's sound. We'd love to talk with you about your vision. There's no commitment to move forward—we'd love the opportunity to hear about what you're looking for.

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Features & Benefits

  • Work with a dedicated team committed to your vision
  • Available at any scale for simple shoots and detailed productions
  • Get top-quality editors to create a focused final product
  • Video delivered in high-quality 4K
  • We work with live concert video and music video filming
  • Pair with our production design and stage design services
  • Available for national or international productions

Capturing the micro-moments that make music meaningful

There are a myriad of production companies wielding RED cameras and promising 4K video in eye-popping color. Other companies ignore quality and instead focus on their goal of telling a compelling story. Ultimately, we believe that both are important, but what is most critical is creating intimate pockets of human experience. This is similar to telling a story, but more specific and nuanced. We want to capture the look of joy on a fan's face at a concert, or the psychological moment in the music video that we all relate to the most. Our goal is to connect with people consciously and subconsciously in a powerful way.

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