SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is the process of trying to rank higher on search engines (Google, obviously, being the most important). The goal is to show up first, or at least on the first page, when people search. According to recent data, more than 75% of clicks go to the very first page of search results. And about 33% of all searchers click on the very first result. So, showing up as #1 is critically important if you want to

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Branded search engine optimization

Are people struggling to find your band when they look you up, even by name? You might need some search engine optimization on your own band name. A little bit of SEO work can go a long way in ensuring you're always found by name.

Key phrase optimization

Key phrases are the actual phrases people search. An example might be "bands that sound like Journey". If you can find a key phrase that gets enough results, becoming #1 for this result can get you a lot of traffic and a lot of fans.

Regular content creation

Becoming #1 on search results means regularly creating content related to your best key phrases. We'll help you create regular content that can increase your search engine ranking over time.


Yield dramatic results by increasing your rank on Google

Search engine optimization is a long-term process, and we want to be upfront about that. Anyone who tells you that they can get you to page one in a matter of weeks is probably someone you should avoid. However, long-term work on your SEO strategy can yield incredible results. Getting from page 2 to page 1 on Google, though it can be hard to do, can take your band from relatively unknown to a global success overnight. We'll partner with you to walk you through the technical requirements associated with ranking higher and higher on Google search.

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Features & Benefits

  • We’ll optimize each page of your website for better SEO
  • Watch your page rank increase every month with our monthly plans
  • Target specific key phrases for high-converting results
  • Move towards the #1 rank on Google
  • We’ll help you create regular content to increase your rank
  • Copywriting services help you create content both users and Google love

Find focus key phrases that work best and optimize your website

For a page to rank well, it needs to have a focus key phrase. A lot of people talk about key words—but these are kind of an outdated artifact of SEO times gone by. Focus key phrases, on the other hand, are the phrases people are actually searching for. For instance, "find a wedding band near me". Capturing a focus key phrase that is searched regularly is the first step to good optimization. Once you've found your focus key phrase, you need to make sure to include it in your page with the right keyword density, in all the right places. We'll research the best focus key phrases for you to use, and optimize your pages to include them in headings, copy, meta title and description, image alt tags, and more.

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Ready to increase your rank on Google?

We'll help you implement targeted strategies to move closer and closer to page one ranking. Talk with an SEO specialist today. We'd love to discuss your search engine optimization goals and help you create a detailed plan.

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