Sales Funnels

A funnel is made to take people deeper. Today there are many options available to make thousands of impressions. But most marketers know it's not about how many impressions, but about how meaningful those impressions are. Our goal is to let people move from observer, to listener, to fan, to fanatic. We find cost effective and strategic options for each step. For instance, we may start with a social media ad, follow up with social posts, music videos and other content to tell listeners more about the brand, then end by starting 1 to 1 communication through text message, Manychat, or email with a goal to engage fan to listen and buy again and again.

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Connect ads, email lists, and landing pages

Many bands come to us with a disjointed email list, a slightly out-of-date Facebook page, and a few names of people who have attended their concerts. We put all your data together into a structured workflow so you can target people on every platform.

Compel your fans to action with engaging copywriting

Copywriting is the secret to making your content go from "interesting" to "irresistible". We'll help you create copy that sells. Good copy can bring your ads, landing pages, and emails from unnoticed to profitable.

Keep track of every prospect and convert them to a fan

You can't turn prospective fans into fans if you don't have the tracking to recognize them. We'll help you create systems to keep track of everyone who has ever interacted with your content.


How a sales funnel walks your fans through the journey to discovering your music

How does a sales funnel work? Well, it's a way of bringing people on a journey with you, to close the sale. Imagine you start out with an ad on Facebook, showing people a piece of your music video. The music video has a story that leaves them on a cliffhanger moment. They click to see the rest of the music video. Now, you direct them to a landing page. The landing page shows them the rest of the video and then offers them a free sticker—they just pay the shipping. Once you've got their email address, you can send them regular emails letting them know that new videos are out. The group of people who respond positively to these videos then receive emails letting them know about your tour dates. Eventually, you'll have a dedicated group of followers who click on almost every new song and sign up for most of your gigs.

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Features & Benefits

  • Track everyone who has ever interacted with your music
  • Send out mass emails and advertisements to keep your music top-of-mind
  • Target specific audiences—like people who have watched at least 75% of your latest music video
  • Stay one step ahead of your audience and continue to offer them new products
  • Get valuable data on what your fans respond to most positively
  • Convert prospects to fans with compelling copywriting
  • Bring users through a sequence to continually make sales

A good sales funnel determines not only your opportunities but your conversion rate

All of your marketing efforts will fail if you can't turn prospects into leads. Your success or failure as an artist may be dependent on your conversion rates. If you direct 10,000 people to a page with a $15 product, and 1% of them buy, you'll make $1,500. If you can manage to get 5% of them to buy—you'll make $7,500. That's over 3x return for simply optimizing your page more effectively. If you spent $2,000 on marketing efforts to get 10,000 people to look... a conversion rate between 1% and 5% is the difference between losing money and making a great profit. We'll help you optimize your pages for the best conversion rate possible.

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Let's build a sales funnel to drive more traffic and create more fans

We'd love to have one of our marketing specialists talk with you about how to implement a sales funnel, whether you are a single artist or a band. Get in touch with us and we'll help consult with you on the best way to set things up.

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