Press Releases

A press release is an official statement delivered to the media. Press releases are used to make announcements or provide new information. Following a traditional format, press releases follow certain expectations within the media and news community. We'll craft a press release that follows the nine-element traditional format, and is also irresistible to readers. Telling a compelling story makes all the difference.

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Compelling stories the media will be thrilled to publish

A good press release isn't just factual—it tells a compelling story that the media wants to publish and users want to read. We'll craft a dynamic story that drives readers to your content.

Excellent grammar and composition

With top-notch grammar and spelling, we'll help you create press releases no one else will have to proof. 99% of our press releases are published by news agencies with zero edits.

Fast turnaround to meet your deadlines

Most press releases are time-sensitive. We'll work with you to meet your deadlines and craft your press release with plenty of time to submit to the media.


Compelling, top-quality press releases ready to publish

Deliver your press releases to the media, on time and at top-quality. We work with the best writers in the business to bring you press releases that are ready to release. During our writing process, we'll interview you and/or key people in the story to ensure that we create a personal touch. We'll even help you submit the press release to your local or national media sources—with your approval first, of course. We're ready to craft a beautiful press release with excellent structural integrity, on time and on budget.

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Features & Benefits

  • Interviews with people critical to the story for a human touch
  • Excellent grammar with zero need for editing
  • Distribution assistance for the widest possible audience reach
  • Story-oriented press releases that people are compelled to read

Distribute your press release to the widest possible audience

Media sources around the world need to release content at breakneck speed. That means they are constantly looking for interesting content. If you can create interesting content and pitch it to them effectively, you can get published. Not only will we help you create a media-friendly press release, we'll help you get in touch with the right people to distribute it effectively.

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Let's craft a powerful press release together

We'd love to talk to you about your press release needs. We're happy to discuss your goals and get you a no-pressure quote with excellent turnaround time. Let's craft a press release to get your story out to the world.

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