Photo Shoots

Photo shoots go beyond capturing moody shots of your band members in their favorite power poses. Good photography captures the essence of your music, in emotive imagery that will live beyond all the shows and concerts. B-Side can work with you to create valuable assets, from album photography to live concert photography.

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Top Quality Camerawork

We work with the best photographers in the industry to create images that are pristinely sharp, technically brilliant and aesthetically stunning.

Set Design & Creative Direction

Not only will we handle your photography, we can handle set design and creative direction, to make sure you get the vibe you're looking for.

Professional Editing by Industry Experts

Our professional editors are know how to increase vibrancy, eliminate distracting elements, and set the stage for an unforgettable scene.


Leave a legacy with unforgettable band/brand photography

Artists and bands want their legacy to be as unforgettable as The Beatles and Tupac. One of the essential elements of crafting an unforgettable musical culture is evocative photography that tells the story of the culture your sound creates. We'll work with you to provide band photography. Whether album artwork, a band photo shoot, or a live gig, we're excited to create something incredible.

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Features & Benefits

  • Work with a creative director to accomplish the vibe you’re looking for
  • Pair photography with stunning set design to capture the right aesthetic
  • Get access to top-quality camera crews around the world
  • Work with editors who specialize in creating legacy art
  • Get digital versions of every photo in 4K resolution
  • Shoot in our studios or at a location of your choice

Capture the most incredible, intimate moments of your concerts and gigs

We work with a team of photographers that is dedicated to capturing incredible live experiences. A successful concert contains both triumphant, explosive choruses and intimate moments with the crowd. We're dedicated to capturing the most important notes, tears, and moments. Work with an on-site photographer or team of photographers that we'll bring to you. We'll handle the logistics of capturing your most important shows, but will never lose sight of the emotional artistry of the night.

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