"Advertising" can come off as a spammy word. When we run a campaign, we optimize the experience to make a user's interaction with your content as seamless and natural as possible. We move away from language like "new single dropping Friday!" and more towards telling a full story with your brand. We'll walk you through running discovery ads on Youtube and laser-targeted and optimized Facebook and Instagram campaigns. These campaigns will all be aimed at the larger goal of bringing audiences into retargetable groups that you can invite deeper into your world. When you build a campaign to run from a natural introduction to a deep appreciation, that's when you gain lifelong fans.

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Irresistible ad content audiences can't help but click

Ads that drive traffic give the user a compelling reason to click. We'll help you create an irresistible campaign that appeals to users psychologically and drives click after click.

Integration with a targeted sales funnel for conversions

It's not enough to run an ad—you need to implement a targeted sales funnel. We'll integrate your ad into a sales page that drives the user to action. Then, we'll save the user's information and keep marketing them new products.

Detailed targeting to find an excited audience

Running an ad to the wrong audience is like lighting money on fire. Running an ad to the right audience is like printing money. We'll help you target the group most interested in your content, and continue to refine this group by testing.


The best platform and audience targeting for your brand

We work with PPC ads on two levels—creation and optimization. When we create a new PPC ad, we identify the best platform and the best audience to target. We'll often "hijack" the audiences of other musicians or brands who are a good fit. Audience hijacking allows us to find people that we know will be a good fit for the ads. Once ads are running, we treat them like a faucet—turning the ad spend up on ads that perform well, and shutting off ads that don't perform.

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Features & Benefits

  • Work with advertisers who understand platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Receive regular reports on your ad ROI
  • Work with a dedicated team who will make decisions based on your ad performance
  • Measure and scale based on multiple metrics like clicks, traffic, conversions, etc.

Work with a team scaleable to your needs

We'll work with you on any level, depending on your needs, goals, and budget. We're happy to take over part of the process, or all of it. We collaborate with or supplement your existing marketing efforts to accomplish your objectives. It's all about empowering your music to get more airplay.

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Wondering if you should venture into the world of advertising, or scale up your advertising efforts? It's worth discussing with an ad specialist. We'd love to talk to you. There's no commitment—we'd just love to have a conversation.

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