Merch Design

Not only can we design your logos, album covers, and brand book, we can design any piece of merch. From T-shirts to mugs to stickers to bumper stickers, we've got you covered. B-Side provides perfect graphic design services to design any asset to print anywhere.

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Beautiful designs that match your vision

Our goal is to create unique merch that matches the vision in your mind. We'll work to understand what you're looking for before we get started.

Live design sessions with a real designer

We're one of the few companies in the world that will open our entire design process to you. Work with a graphic designer over a screen sharing call to give realtime feedback.

Ready to print, designed to specifications

We'll design everything to the exact specs your printer or distributor needs. We can handle everything from specific dimensions to print marks to UV spotting.


Get quality merch your entire band can be proud of

We'll work with you to create merch that your fans will be proud to wear. Our goal is that every T-shirt looks classy enough to be worn in the most hipster of coffee shops, yet exciting enough to stand out from a row of other T-shirts on a rack. We design every piece of merch to match your artistic vibe. Our goal is to create merch that is consistent with your album art, other graphic design, and overall aesthetic.

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Features & Benefits

  • Final design files delivered in any format you request
  • Designed to the specifications your printer or distributor needs
  • Payment plans and discounts available to meet your budget needs
  • Live sessions available with our talented graphic designers

Graphic design that meets your needs

We're well-known for delivering graphic design that works with your objectives. Not only do we provide live design sessions so you can see exactly what's going on, we provide payment plans and can tailor our work to any budget. Our packages are scaleable and we've designed our services to grow with you.

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Get the merch design you need to stand out from the crowd

Let's talk about getting you the merch you need for your upcoming shows or your online release. We'd love to have one of our graphic designers discuss your merch needs.

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