Make your reader the hero of the story with our copywriting services. Compelling copywriting is one of the most important ways to help people interact with your music. A good marketing strategy includes ads, landing pages, emails, and social media posts. Each of these must include copywriting. The difference between bad copywriting and good copywriting can mean prospects clicking your ads and buying your merch. Good copywriting connects with your reader and makes them the hero of the story. We'll help you craft copy that connects to your audience.

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Copy targeted to your fan's story

Good copywriting makes your reader the hero of the story. We'll write copy that makes your fans feel understood, connecting with them on an emotional level.

Results-focused copywriting

We'll integrate all our copywriting into a larger sales funnel. That means we are looking at the broader picture of your sales and marketing objectives. How does this piece of copy fit in to the journey for your fans?

Copy you don't have to proofread

Our writers are carefully selected to deliver excellent grammar and top quality. Feel free to proofread what we put out, but our quality standards mean we always deliver a polished product.


The #1 mistake bands and artists make when writing copy

"Story brand" is a type of copywriting that has existed for thousands of years. However, it's only in the last few decades that we've been able to study it in a marketing context and understand its power. Classical sales techniques have featured the product or company far too much. And typical artist sales feature the music and the artist far too much. The harsh reality is: no one cares about you, or your music. Until they know your story. And they will only know your story once you know theirs. The goal is to connect with the story of your readers so that they know you understand them and have their best interests at heart. Writing in "story brand" means that your audience's story is the heroic feature of your copy.

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Features & Benefits

  • Story brand optimized copywriting
  • Copy that sells and integrates perfectly with sales funnels and landing pages
  • Excellent grammar and top quality
  • SEO-optimized copywriting available
  • Copywriting in the unique voice of your brand
  • Fast turnaround time to match your needs

Your fans are Luke Skywalker, and your music is Yoda

Good "story brand" copy treats your readers as Luke Skywalker. You are Yoda, the guide helping them to get where they ultimately want to go. Even when you are creating music, you are helping your listeners to reach their objectives. Perhaps they want to get over an ex, feel powerful emotion to motivate their morning run, share a beautiful moment with their lover, or capture a nostalgic feeling they haven't felt since they were a child. If we can help your listeners, and your readers, reach their goals, we can make them lean on your artistry in a powerful way.

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Let's craft compelling copywriting that drives your fans to action

We'd love to talk about how compelling copywriting can drive more listens, views, and sales for you as an artist. We'd love to have one of our marketing specialists discuss what our copywriting could bring to the table for your fanbase.

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