Content Strategy

Individual pieces of good content aren't enough to create a powerful narrative that drives raving fans. To stay relevant, your music must be backed by a cultural phenomenon that is inspiring and engaging. Many artists and bands have created this following accidentally. However, there are many artists who flounder in trying to craft an inspiring narrative. A cohesive, long-term content strategy makes all the difference.

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Targeted Strategy & Consulting

Our goal is to identify your objectives as an artist. Who is the main demographic you want to reach? What types of messages are you spreading? What does your fan base care about? These questions will help us to target your strategy.

Scaleable Strategy to Meet Your Needs

Whether you need a one-off consulting call every few months, or a tactical strategist involved with every detail of your campaigns, B-Side Management is ready to be involved. Work with a strategist at your budget and scale.

Dual Understanding of Music & Business

There are many consultants who understand the music industry, but aren't great marketers or businessmen. On the flip side, many businessmen aren't at all in touch with the music community. Our consultants are deeply involved in both worlds.


Why good content needs to fit your message, and fit the market

There's no one-size-fits-all package for content strategy. Ultimately, it has to be as unique as your own sound. A good content strategist will take the time to understand your artistry and what you are trying to convey. They will also need to understand the broader market and how you can fit in with the changing times. Ultimately, your content needs to fit your message and your market. You need to be able to market the message you're selling effectively, but it has to be true enough to your values that you are proud to be behind it.

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Features & Benefits

  • Work with a consultant who understands the industry you’re in, but also understands marketing principles
  • Get a content strategy that connects to the most relevant delivery methods to your audience
  • Get scaleable content consulting that is as hands-on or hands-off as you need
  • Work with dedicated graphic designers and copywriters to make incredible media

Content strategy comes in many forms

We work with a number of different types of content strategy. In general, we try to identify your goals and budget and find the type of content best suited for your needs. For instance, we might identify that your demographic believes Instagram is the best place to learn about their favorite artists. In that case, we will work to develop an Instagram content calendar and find which hashtags and accounts will make the biggest difference to you.

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