Meet Brandon

Brandon Hughes has a story that begins the way most music lovers do, it was planted with memories that began with family and Motown but it really started to bloom when he started to watch some of the most talented local artists in his city suffocate under their workload while struggling to see the bigger picture. 
Brandon has a passion for creating experiences, he knows the grind, understands the struggle, cares about cultivating partnerships, always gives it to you straight, and only represents those he truly believes in. 

When Most Would Throw In The Towel...

“In an industry that is filled with pessimism and being “too cool” for your own good it’s a breath of fresh air to have someone like Brandon with his passionate and optimistic leadership. When most would throw in the towel Brandon is always the first to find the silver lining and bring the team together. Don’t misinterpret this with being naive, it’s anything but gullible. When most people see an impossible challenge Brandon sees a huge opportunity.”

Ryan Argast, Lead Vocalist of Marina City

Why B-Side Exists

B-Side isn’t your average Management Company, just as the artists we represents are anything but your run of the mill acts. 
B-side is about giving back the power to the artists. We believe our job is to build a foundation that ascends the artist’s vision. This is your art, this is your career, this is your life, we are here to helpYou’ve let the record play this long, Now Flip to the B-Side. 

The History

From personal manager, blog curator, talent booker, event producer, tour manager, and more Brandon has worn many hats in the music industry. Through his efforts with the Number Project Agency in Chicago Brandon had the opportunity to partner with over 150 + artists from Gucci Mane to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and worked alongside many major brands from Four Loko and Complexcon.